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7 Simple Ideas to Become a Better Project Leader

Leaders are called to believe and see a beautiful, bright and expansive future for those who can’t see one for themselves.

4 weeks ago

3 Tips for Dealing with a Manipulative Project Co-Worker

According to a recent survey, roughly 90% of folks who read this post are presently working with at least one person who, mentally, would be described as a manipulator.

1 month ago

Politics and Project Management, a Lesson in Leadership

Most people hate office politics, but if we want to move up the chain in an organization, we have to learn how to deal with people who have bad intentions.

3 months ago

Project Graham: The Ugly Face of Road Safety

Meet Graham the only person designed to survive on our roads. Australia’s Transport Accident Commission and agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne created a figure ‘with bodily features that could be present in humans if they had been designed to withstand today’s high-impact road traumas.

5 months ago



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