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Giddings Confirmed as Adviser on £1.3bn ‘Super Prisons’ Programme

Former Argent partner Tony Giddings has been confirmed as development adviser on the £1.3bn “Super Prisons” programme, the first of which is already being built in Wrexham.

6 days ago

Innovation is the Answer to the Brexit Recession

In the corporate world, there is a growing recognition that strong relationships with customers can form the bedrock of future innovation.

7 days ago

The Wyndham Road Project, Southwark

This scheme on Wyndham Road, South-East London, was the second buma-built project in the UK.

2 weeks ago

The Best Online Project Management Platform of 2016

When teams have solid project management tools, they spend less time lost in email and more time managing projects.

2 weeks ago




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