Project Management Professional Certification (PPM) provides a clear understanding of the project to organizations and managers and those companies which hire managers with PMP certification can achieve company’s targets in a successful manner.

Globally Recognized: PMP Certification is now a globally recognized degree. A PMI degree is beneficial for global organization and is being offered by institutions according to international standards. PMP-certified managers are recommended by any well reputed organization because they have the reference of ISO 17024 certification.

Career Opportunities: It offers better recognition and career opportunities for managers on the global front.  If you are a dedicated professional, it is important that you highlight your work as project manager and you can show your prospective employee about the seriousness of your career. You can easily learn in Project Management meetings about fresh career opportunities from seniors about the worth of this certification and its benefits.

Better Salary Packages: It is true that managers with PMP certification earn excellent salary packages as compared to non-certified employees. Earning PMP Certification requires determination and hard work and not many established entrepreneurs pursue it because of time and other commitments. Usually, there are organizations that sponsor this certification and it can help one during the time of appraisal.

Make it the Highlight of Your Resume: A major benefit of PMP certification is that it can become the highlight of your CV. It will increase your job prospects, so write it next to your name on CV, so that potential employers can look at a resume to decide whether you are eligible for the post or not. The degree makes you stand out on all fronts.

Enhance Your Credibility: You need to have particular eligibility criteria for this specification. Depending upon your educational background as a project manager and hours spent on leading and managing projects, a test is also taken. Experience for more than three years is must.  It is mandatory to fill your experience and management hours in the application form which is subjected for an audit.

Professional Evaluation: The PMP certification is a key to your professional competency as it certifies that an individual has achieved academic excellence, professional experience and necessary knowledge in order to be granted PMP status.

Develop Your Market Value: The PMP certification enhances your portfolio in the project management market. Individual with this certification are preferred by this organization.

Improved Project Management Skills: Once you have achieved PMP credentials, your management skills can become a big help in the market.   You get to work on variety of projects and learn about day to day management.  You will be able to view things in a logical framework and will be able to control your projects in a successful manner.

Set Foundation for Contributed Knowledge: The certification is valid for three years. Those credentials can be achieved by earning 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from Project Management Institute (PMI) certified credentials. These credentials describe the requirements for individuals to help maintain their PMP credentials.

One has to complete the formal academic course related to Project Management. The Professional Activities and Self-directed Learning area that consists of various activities related to project management has to be availed. You need to go through the training session of PMI Registered Education Providers to earn these points. Training provided by other providers has to be considered and you should also serve as committee member at a Project Management organization.

For the PMP certification, one has to study and cover a coursework of 35 hours at least to pass the PMP exam.

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