Writers can sign up for free to be a Project Journal! Contributor.  You can find daily ‘assignments’ to write about below. Please only select assignments based on subjects which you are interested in or have knowledge of.


  • Top 10 Project Management Consultants of 2016 – Unallocated
  • Woman in Project Management – Unallocated
  • The Glass Ceiling of Project Management – Unallocated

Once you have found a subject you would like to write about, email [email protected] to confirm your selection. You will receive an email within 24hrs confirming that you can proceed to write the article.

Project Journal pays within 1 day of publication.

All payments are processed through PayPal. The content you write is shared on other Project Journal subdomains, social media pages, Apple News, etc which gives you very good exposure. The more you contribute, and the more attention you bring to your post, the more you can earn from the site.

Here are some pointers on how to write a successful article for Project Journal.

*Columns usually run about 600 – 800 words.
*Make a strong, clear argument. Come down on one side of an issue, or advance a theory – we want to stir discussion.
*Provide specific examples and true anecdotes to illustrate the points you’re making – the more the better.
*Be sure to disclose conflicts of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in, any companies covered in the story.
*Screenshots or infographics help. Make them simple and clear. Include links to the images.