Measuring Benefits

Once the project has been delivered this is usually the time we can start measuring the benefits the project has delivered in line with the Benefits Management Plan (in some cases benefits may be able to be tracked and realised before project closure). Our plan will tell us exactly how to measure the benefits and who will measure them, and all results should be recorded. These results are “realised benefits”.

Post Implementation Review

Once all benefits have been measured and recorded a post implementation review takes place. A Post Implementation Review (PIR) report is usually completed by the benefits owner; this report summarises the results of the benefits measurement stage. This report is presented to the project board who reviews realised benefits against the original plan and determines how successful the project was. The date of the post implementation review should be included in the business case.

Further Guidance

If you have any questions or need any assistance with planning your benefits or completing the benefits management plan, please contact the Project Journal team. We are here to help!