Human / Social Benefits – Are those that make life easier, better or happier for staff or the general community. An example may be the introduction of a grant to support programs that reduce the impact of domestic violence in the community. This can be measured both quantitatively through examining costs and statistics and qualitatively by surveying the broader community before and after the project.

Legal or Compliance Benefits – Come from projects that assist organizations or individuals to comply with the law or that review or implement new legislation for the Government. An example may be introducing a new system to improve compliance with income support obligations. This can be measured through benchmarking compliance prior to the project and then again at its completion.

Public / Perception Benefits – Relate to improving the community’s view of the Government or a Government agency and engendering endorsement for Government policy. In many respects it’s about politics. Expenditure on a marketing campaign to garner public support of Defence’s purchase of a new submarine would fall into this category. Again, benchmarking public perception prior to and after the campaign would be one way to measure the benefits of the project.

Economic Benefits – Correlate with efficiency. It’s partly about reducing costs for or returning revenue to the organization, the community or the Government. More broadly it can be about facilitating trade, managing supply and demand or improving competition. Introducing systems such as online-tax lodgement fall into this category and can be measured by surveying the time it takes prior to the introduction and then again after implementation.

Sustainability Benefits – Of course are about the environment and the organisation’s ongoing existence. Introducing a system where teams could record and measure their carbon use would enable an organization to measure its overall carbon footprint and participate actively in future carbon trading schemes.

Further Guidance

If you have any questions or need any assistance with planning your benefits or completing the benefits management plan, please contact the Project Journal team. We are here to help!