The management of change activities across a programme of work to ensure that ‘business as usual’ is maintained whilst the change is happening.

The assistance given to senior stakeholders and change managers during the transition of an operating model or programme of work.


Transition Management in a PMO context is the transitioning of services and the client into the ‘new world’ of operation. It involves designing the transition process, designing the work stream deliverables, understanding change management basics and the core skills to manage it and governing and controlling the transition.


  • Enables a clear and structured approach to changing an organisation or business
  • Planned and careful management of the cultural and infrastructural migration from the ‘old environment’ to the ‘new environment’
  • Ability to maintain business as usual during the transition period
  • Careful introduction of new ways of working, processes etc into the programme and or business whilst the existing ones are still operating.
  • Clear and structured approach to Business Readiness post change.
  • The transition plan will provide the road map for implementation.
  • Early involvement of stakeholder groups in transition management helps with achieving early buy-in and support for the change.