Project Journal overview

Project Journal is a weblog that publishes content designed to inform, educate, inspire, and unite project managers in their respective fields including, but not limited to, architecture, building, environment, science, sustainability, and technology.

Project Journal takes an unbiased, innovative, and expert approach to publishing content. Project Journal hears what project managers want. Project Journal listens to the experts; that’s you and publishes submissions readers contribute, as opposed to content that the powers to be are paid to promote. You write it, we cite it.

Project Journal mission statement

Project Journal is a space for a growing community of project professionals searching for the latest project news, products and events.

Project Journal doesn’t exist solely to educate, Project Journal is here to learn and has no political, financial, or corporate affiliation. This eliminates the narrow-minded perspective that most of us experience when perusing online content hoping to gain an edge in the field we’re passionate about.

Project Journal also aims to challenge the Status Quo, as Project Journal firmly believes that if you’re doing things the way you always have, then someone, somewhere is figuring out how to make you obsolete.

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